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Port authority police department jobs

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WebThe Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - Careers Join our talent network Career Paths Students Corporate Engineering & Architecture Operations & Maintenance . WebPort Authority Police Department Jobs, Employment | 149polk.ru By using Indeed you agree to our new Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms, which we encourage you to .

Port authority police department jobs

POLICE OFFICER RESPONSIBILITIES · Emergency Services · Commercial Vehicle Inspection · K-9 Unit · Police Academy · Counter Terrorism · Aircraft Rescue and. The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) is proud to serve the region and its people by making sure that every one of the Port Authority's customers.

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80 Port Authority Police Department jobs available on 149polk.ru Apply to Police Officer, Security Officer, Assistant Manager and more! 63 Port Authority Police Officer jobs available on 149polk.ru Apply to Police Officer, Security Officer, Terminal Manager and more!

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WebPort Police Officer. Georgia Ports Authority Savannah, GA Estimated $K - $K a year. Weekend availability + 1. Responds to all unusual activities or events that . WebPolice Service Officer (CERT) (Part-Time) City of Santa Ana Santa Ana, CA. $ to $ Hourly. Part-Time. sworn authority. The current vacancy is with the .

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